The Ben-Heart Foundation is grateful to a number of businesses and grant-giving organisations who have provided us with funding since we started in 2003. Many of these charity sponsors are on going, which has enabled us to achieve so much, to expand our projects and provide support to rural communications across Indonesia. All of which has helped us to become a notable NL charity and NGO in Indonesia. BECOME A SPONSOR Contact us to discuss the opportunities

ChildRight Fund

The Foundation was founded in 1994 by Prof. Tinbergen and Prof. Van der Meer. CRF is a foundation that fights for the rights of children worldwide. Together with many prominent figures around the world, they have committed themselves to the 250 million children who are exploited for labor or used as sex objects. They make an appeal to the world: “Stop the exploitation of children”. The children are entitled to a better life and a better future, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. CRF does not distinguish between religion, race, political opinion, etc.

Stichting Max

The Foundation does not only look at the living conditions and the needs of the elderly in the Netherlands, it also has special attention for (inhumane) living conditions of the chronically ill in poor countries in the peripheral European countries and beyond the borders of Europe, regardless of ethnic descent, religion or political affiliation. Additionally, “Max Maakt Mogelijk” also aims its efforts to improve public awareness on the quality of life of the poor elderly people in our society and countries around us.

C&L Lichtreclame

C&L is a specialist in illuminated and printed / unlit signs, advertisements and billboards. We offer a full range of services, from design and production to assembly and maintenance. We love beautiful, smooth designs and great materials. We have a passion for artisan and bespoke work where the smallest details matter.We know that it can be a challenge to determine how you want to focus attention to, and increase visibility for your company. Do you want to put your company literally in the spotlights through illumination or do you choose a different form? We can offer you guidance in the steps of this process, where the clients leads, we listen to your wishes and offer our thoughts and ideas. The always aim for the best fitting solution possible. BECOME A SPONSOR Contact us to discuss the opportunities